Have a Blast and Make a Statement with Custom Cornhole Boards

Have a Blast and Make a Statement with Custom Cornhole Boards


Have a Blast and Make a Statement with Custom Cornhole Boards


Why does your business need a Custom Cornhole Game? 

I think that we can all agree that happy employees are productive employees.  And one way to increase employee happiness is through workplace fun.  It turns out that workplace fun has been linked to enhanced motivation, increased productivity, improved task performance, reduced stress, AND higher job satisfaction.  What’s not to like about that! 

There are a myriad of options when you think of adding workplace fun to your biz, but for today let’s focus on Cornhole.  

Reasons Why Cornhole Makes Sense for Company Fun

While perhaps not the obvious choice, it turns out that Cornhole really DOES make sense for company fun!

  1. It’s portable:  Whether on work premises, or a park for a company picnic, your handy dandy cornhole game can make the trip.  
  2. It’s inclusive:  Most people will be able to participate.  If you can toss a corn bag 30 feet, you’re good to go.  Novice or fierce competitor – cornhole offers something for everyone.
  3. It’s safe:  Unlike horse shoes or lawn darts, hitting someone with a tossed corn bag (accidentally of course) is not likely to cause injury.
  4. Easy set up:  Two cornhole platforms and eight corn bags and space to set up.  Easy-peasy!
  5. Branding:  Keep your branding front and center.  Associate your brand with fun!
  6. Workplace Happiness:  Worth mentioning again!

The Ins and Outs of the Game of Cornhole

If you want to go regulation, your cornhole platforms will be two feet by four feet with at least eight corn bags.  For the serious competitors, check out the ACO – American Cornhole Organization.  Rules of the game are as follows: 

Cornhole is typically played between two teams.  Teams are usually one or two people.  

The object of the game is to be first to score 21 points.

When a player tosses a corn bag towards the platform, there are one of three outcomes:

  1. Cornhole:  The corn bag passes through the hole in the platform.  A “cornhole” is worth three points.
  2. Woody:  The corn bag lands on top of the platform.  “Woodies” are worth one point.
  3. Foul:  The corn bag misses the platform.  “Fouls” are worth zero points.

Keeping Score: 

The approved method of scoring according to the ACO is cancellation scoring.  This means that one team will receive points per round or frame.  

For example, if the red team has a cornhole (3 pts), and two woodies (1 pt each) – their total is five.  The blue team has two fouls (0 pts) and one woody (1 pt) for a total of 1.  For that round the red team has four points – the difference between the two scores. 

Now that you see the benefit of workplace fun, and how easy it is to play cornhole, let’s talk about customization.

Designing Custom Cornhole Boards 

With today’s technology, a full coverage full color graphic is the way to go.  The most effective way to achieve this is via a large decal applied to the top of the Regulation Sized Cornhole Board. Allowing for the 6” diameter hole, that gives you a nice large space for your brand and message.

A vector art file is ideal, but a raster image at a high resolution (300dpi) to size will also work.  For clarification on vector vs. raster art, see What is Vector At and WHY should I care?

Designs can be very creative whether detailed or more simplistic graphics are utilized.

Cornhole Game
Customization Options

Beyond decoration of the board, you may opt to also logo the corn bags.  Another pretty nifty option is to go with a desktop sized game of cornhole.  This is a great idea if you’re looking for a little downtime while still in the office.  How about a lunchtime tourney?  It’s also a great idea for employee or client appreciation gifts.  No batteries, durable, and again something that anyone can enjoy.   

More Branding Ideas to Go With Your Personalized Cornhole Boards

Are you holding an event?  Maybe you’ve got a company picnic planned with a Cornhole Tournament as the main event.  Besides your cool custom Cornhole game, maybe you can set up a tournament logo.  Here are 10 Fun Ideas to go with your Cornhole Boards.

  1.  An official Tournament T-Shirt
  2.  Embroidered Trucker Cap
  3.  Snazzy Stainless Steel Tumbler
  4.  Personalized Beach Chair
  5.  Personalized Beach Towel
  6.  A Giant Jenga Game
  7.  Can Coolers for your cold beverages.
  8.  Lip Balm
  9.  Custom Tin of Tasty Mints
  10.  Cinch Bags to hold all the cool swag

Ordering Custom Cornhole Boards

As you can imagine, the possibilities are almost endless when thinking about workplace fun.  Even within the category of Cornhole games there are many options.  But you’re busy!  Researching Cornhole game options is not how you want to spend your precious time.

Let Us Help!

  1. Book a call.  We ask you questions to help us better understand the scope of your project, and then create a presentation with a curated list of options to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Review Your Options.  We go through our recommendations together and come up with a final list of options to move forward with.
  3. Place your order.  We organize the details, finalize artwork, and initiate the production of your order.
  4. Sit Back and Relax.  We take care of everything for you and your shirts are safely delivered to you or your customers.

1525, Inc. is a Full-Service Marketing Merchandise company that empowers you to achieve your goals through the strategic use of marketing merchandise.  Learn more at 1525.co.

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Tackle the Day with Personalized Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers

Tackle the Day with Personalized Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers



Whether you start your day with coffee, tea, or just plain water – custom stainless steel tumblers make it better!  Better how?  Let me count the ways!


Benefits of Stainless Steel Drinkware


  1. Temperature control:  Keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.  No more chugging your coffee so you can enjoy it at that perfect temperature.  A good double walled stainless steel tumbler can keep hot drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours!
  2. No Toxins:  Even BPA free plastic leaches toxins into your beverage of choice – especially the hot ones.  Stainless steel is completely toxin free and also resistant to mold and bacteria.
  3. Clean Up is a Breeze:  Dish soap, water, and a quick scrub is all it takes.  And this leads us into the next benefit.
  4. No Flavor Retention:  If you use your tumbler for coffee, and then later wash it well and fill it with water, you will not have a coffee aftertaste.
  5. Durability:  Stainless steel is strong!  You can use your custom stainless steel tumbler for years!
  6. Good for the Planet:  Custom stainless steel tumblers replace single use options thereby having a positive impact on the environment.  Whether you make your coffee at home, or go by Starbucks for your morning fix – you can still use your own tumbler!  This goes for water as well.
  7. Long Term Savings:   Imagine a scenario where you drink two cups of coffee a day and also 80 oz. of water a day.  You can make a trip or two to your local coffee shop and also stock up on bottled water – OR – you could fill your 20 oz tumbler with coffee you make at home, and fill two 40 oz stainless steel water bottles with water from your tap or filtered in some manner.  Multiply that by 200 work days.  Boom!  You’ve got money for your next vacation!

Now that we’ve reviewed the practical reasons for custom stainless steel tumblers, let’s get to the fun and functional part.

An Iconic Powerhouse To Hold Your Coffee and Your Ambition 

Show your style!  Share your message!  Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers and Thermoses make
excellent gifts whether for client or employee appreciation, premium trade show giveaways, or as part of an event swag pack.  The options for style, size, color, and decoration methods are vast!!  And as a gift, there is high perceived value. 


Interesting Features of Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers & Thermoses


Sizes & Styles:  

There is something for everyone when considering size and style for your next custom tumbler or thermos project.  Pictured first is an 8 oz 18/8 stainless steel thermal tumbler with copper vacuum insulation and a push on lid.  Perfect for an espresso drink, or perhaps a glass of wine.  In the middle is a classic style in a 24 oz size.  And next to that is a 64 oz. growler.  Yes!  A half gallon for your beverage of choice.  Keep that water (or beer) cold all day!

Lid Options:

Both thermoses and tumblers come with a variety of lid options.  Screw on, push on, sport top are just a few possibilities.  How about something that will accommodate your stainless steel straw?  Some even have multiple openings within one lid system.  One piece unscrews allowing for a wider opening – perfect for adding ice cubes.  The other opening would be smaller allowing you to drink from it, or pour more precisely.

Decoration Methods:

Custom Colors:

Color matching is a pretty standard option allowing for logos that are consistent with your branding.  You can go one color, several colors, and even full color with today’s technology.  Another nifty option is using a wrap print to have the bulk of your custom stainless steel drinkware be a matched color,  and then by reversing out images, utilize the bottle color for the graphic elements.

Laser Engrave:

Always a classy look, laser engraving your design allows the stainless steel to show through.  If your graphic is conducive to being one color, and the detail isn’t too fine – this is an excellent choice!

Foil Imprints:

Foil imprints are an exceptional way to make your logo shine.  Available in copper, gold, or platinum – you’ll get a shiny metallic effect as opposed to laser engraving which will have a matte finish.

Lid & Handle Imprints:

Looking for something different?  If the style of your custom stainless steel tumbler or thermos can accommodate it, perhaps you should consider a lid or handle print.  Your web address, a hashtag, or some other special graphic or text will stand out and be unique!


Ordering Promotional Stainless Steel Tumblers and Thermoses


Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits and interesting features of stainless steel tumblers and thermoses, I bet you’re thinking – Holy Smokes Batman!!  I need to incorporate something like this into my next merchandise marketing campaign!! 😉   After all, not only are you providing a product that absolutely everyone can use (as we all consume liquids), but you’re also helping the planet with an eco-friendly alternative to disposable drinkware.

Ask yourself these four questions to get this process rolling:
What is the goal of my campaign?  How much can I spend?  Is there a firm in-hand date?  And finally, how many stainless tumblers or thermoses do I need?  This information allows all possibilities to be evaluated.

If the myriad of choices is a bit overwhelming, here’s how we can help.

  1. Book a call:  We’ll get to know your project and help narrow down your options from a million to a small handful.
  2. Review Your Options:  We’ll walk you through our recommendations and come up with a final list of stellar products to move forward with.
  3. Place your order:  We’ll organize all logistics, finalize artwork and oversee production of your promotional products.
  4. Sit Back and Relax:  We’ll take care of everything to ensure a timely and stress-free delivery!


1525, Inc. is a full service marketing merchandise company that empowers you to achieve your goals through the strategic use of marketing merchandise.  Let us help you become a Marketing Merchandise Rockstar!   Learn more at 1525.co.

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Racism sucks.  Misogyny sucks.  Homophobia sucks.  Stereotyping sucks.  Scapegoating sucks.  Gaslighting sucks.  Power at the expense of others sucksHATE SUCKS.

Eloquent words elude me as I witness what is happening now, and all that has preceded these horrific current events.  I’m dumbfounded that this is STILL the world we live in.  Progress has been too damn slow!  And that’s not ok when people are dying and having their lives and livelihoods threatened ALL THE TIME.

I’m in my late fifties and was a little too young to understand the civil rights movement as a child.  But as an immigrant from The Netherlands, I did have parents who lived in some of the most heavily bombed areas of the country during World War 2, and a grandfather who was a part of the Dutch underground smuggling Jews to safety.  We had family friends with numbers branded on their arms.

Persecution of a race was not a foreign concept.

Although I’ve always understood that racism runs rampant in this country too, I didn’t fully grasp the magnitude.  Maybe pondering such atrocities made me uncomfortable.  Maybe I thought MY not being racist was enough.  I’m going to be transparent and confess to a little bit of fear, and a whole lot of overwhelm.  A “what can I possibly do to help” feeling.

I love inspiring quotes and have had these written down for my personal motivation for quite some time.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”   ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.”   ~ Maya Angelou

My feeling of overwhelm started in 2016 and resulted in our own #domoregood movement.  It is based on the following quote:

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”  ~  Arthur Ashe


This is the key for every person who believes they can’t make a difference.


Start where you are.

Don’t worry about what you didn’t do before – that can’t be changed.  Think about today and tomorrow, and the next day.

Use what you have.

Have a big social media following?  Speak up!

Have some poster board and sharpie markers?  Make a sign and join a peaceful protest.

Looking for a worthy cause to donate to?  Well this one is pretty darned important because – you know… “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE”!!

Do what you can.

Not sure how you can help?  The internet is your friend.  In fact, I’ve read several good blog posts with resources that may help.  Here are a few:

From Cascadia Behavioral Health Care:  How to Support Our Black Community and Promote Anti-Racist Efforts
Learn about Anti-Racism Groups, Pushing for Political and Policy Change, Learn About Your Own Biases, Educate Yourselves, and Support Black Owned Businesses.

From Benefit Corporations for Good:  Champions for Social Justice
Not only will you learn about how others are aiding the cause, but you can also learn about a business model committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit.

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer.  Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.

Tigard-Tualatin School District Anti-Racist Resources
Includes both Family and Student resources.

I’d also like to give credit for the amazing Portland Burnside Bridge Protest Photo.  This is about ten blocks from where I live.  I saw it first on facebook and was deeply moved by it.  The photographer, Andrew Wallner is donating sales from his work to BLM causes.

As an individual I will continue to educate myself, speak up when I should, and support People of Color within my community.  As a business, we are a Certified Benefit Corporation, so respect for all people is a directive and built into our manifesto.  We’ll be evaluating additional ways to support this important cause.

Kindness.  Empathy.  Compassion.  Hope.  Love.  Let’s replace all the ugly words with these.

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How to Order a Custom Trade Show Tablecloth with Your Logo

How to Order a Custom Trade Show Tablecloth with Your Logo

Trade Shows

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Trade Shows are all about making a good first impression.  Whether you’re looking for new clients, new employees, or strategic partnerships – job number one is to get bodies to your booth.  To achieve this, your branding, messaging, and overall vibe need to be on point.

One of the most visible components of a trade show display is the tablecloth.  So let’s talk more about that.


Options to Consider When You Order a Custom Trade Show Tablecloth


Trade show tables are typically six feet or eight feet wide, and tablecloths usually hang to the floor.  If your budget only allows for one size, our recommendation is to go with the   six foot version.  On an eight foot table you will have sides that are a foot off the ground, but we believe this is preferable to having an extra foot of cloth per side pooling on the ground in the reverse scenario.  This could be a tripping hazard.  Custom sizes are available as well.

The flat rectangle is probably the most common.  It’s flexible if needed for other table sizes, and easy to store.  It’s also the most cost effective.

Another option to consider is a fitted tablecloth.  While it won’t give you the flexibility of fitting on multiple table sizes, it’s got a tidy sleek look to  it.  One style of fitted tablecloth fits over your table like a box lid.  It has sewn seams defining the top and four sides.  The ultra fitted version pulls snugly over the table hugging down to the table legs.

Runners are nice particularly if you have different messaging for different events.  A runner is a rectangular piece of fabric  that hangs over the middle of the table.  You might opt for a generic tablecloth that reflects your branding, and order different runners to coordinate depending on the purpose.


Decorating  your Custom Trade Show Tablecloth


Now that you’ve picked a size and style, the real fun begins!  Although there are a few ways you can decorate – you get the most flexibility with sublimation.  And, it checks ALL the boxes.  It’s cost effective, durable, and gives unlimited design possibility.

Here’s the skinny on sublimation.  Pay attention – it could be a Jeopardy question later. 😉  

Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage.  Dye Sublimation is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals, and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure.  When the heat and pressure are applied, the dye on the transfer medium sublimates, or becomes a gas, and is then absorbed into the polyester itself; the print becomes a part of the fabric. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight.

How cool is that!  You can have 100% coverage in the form of a detailed photo, or something as simple as a solid background with a one color image.  This is where the personality of your company can shine!


Design Tips For your Custom Trade Show Tablecloth


Imagine the nine quadrants of your tablecloth as three rows up and three columns across.  The middle quadrant is the table top, and the quadrant below is your primary messaging area.  This is what trade show attendees will see as they walk the floor.

Design elements should not overshadow the message which might be as simple as a company name, website address and phone number.  Your company type and personality will determine the graphic components that compliment the message.

In most cases, you will have brochures and trade show swag on the top of your table.  Again, if the graphic is too busy, these things get lost and can create a cluttered appearance.  If you’re not going to have much on top of the table, you’ll have a little more leeway.

Another tip is to create messaging on the backside of your tablecloth.  You may mirror the front or do something completely different.  This allows you to turn the tablecloth to bring the message you want to the front.  It’s almost like getting two tablecloths in one without paying a penny more.  

And don’t forget about the sides.  It’s another area that is often not visible – but  sometimes it is!  A big graphic element on the side is a nice touch.

Round Up Your Trade Show Event & Booth Details

What else could you use for your trade show experience?  Roll up banners are a perfect compliment to a custom trade show tablecloth.  They are also produced using a full color decoration method, so ordering together creates a very cohesive look.

Are you giving anything away?  Swag is an effective way to keep your name in front of prospects, potential new hires, and strategic partners – once they’ve left the trade show.  If you’re wondering about how to select tradeshow promos, we have good ideas about that as well.


Turn Heads with Your Custom Trade Show Tablecloth at Your Next Show

Exhibiting at a trade show is a big commitment.  It’s a financial commitment made up of both dollars and time.  Finish the job by making sure you’re projecting the messaging necessary to achieve your desired result.

You may ask, “How do I do that?”  

This is where we come in.  You have a budget, and a desired outcome.   We’ll help you with the plan.

Let 1525 Get the Job Done Right!

1. Book a Call:  We’ll get to know your project and help narrow down your options from a million to a small handful.
2. Review Your Options:  We’ll walk you through our recommendations and come up with a final list of stellar products to move forward with.
3. Place Your Order:  We’ll organize all logistics, finalize artwork and oversee production of your promotional products.
4. Sit Back and Relax:  We’ll take care of everything to ensure a timely and stress-free delivery!
1525, Inc. is a full service marketing merchandise company that empowers you to achieve your goals through the strategic use of marketing merchandise.  Let us help you become a Marketing Merchandise Rockstar!   Learn more at 1525.co.

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Standing Up & Standing Out with Eco Friendly Custom T-Shirts

Standing Up & Standing Out with Eco Friendly Custom T-Shirts


Eco Friendly Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts have always been a great idea for brand recognition.  But in recent years, manufacturers have upped the ante with amazing custom t-shirt choices that are not only good for the planet, but also so cozy that they’re sure to become the favorite –  worn week after week.

How Are Eco Friendly Custom T Shirts Different?

Is eco-friendly just a buzzword, or does it really make a difference?   To give you a better idea of what’s possible, let’s take a closer look at the District Threads Re-Tee, and the Allmade Tri-Blend T.

District Threads Re-Tee is a very new product that is made from 100% recycled fabric.  You know – the stuff that would end up in a landfill.  The shirts are a 60% cotton/40% polyester blend.  Fabric colors are sorted to create the new shirts, which means that the dyeing step, an extremely water intensive process, is eliminated.  WOW!!  The environmental impact is equivalent to skipping six weeks of showers or shaving 5.87 miles off your commute.  Well done Re-Tee!!

Allmade, a relatively new kid on the block, produces a Tri-Blend T with both a positive environmental impact AND social impact.  What’s not to love about that!  The polyester/modal/cotton blend is soft and prints beautifully.  

Allmade has a nifty impact calculator so you can see the environmental and social benefit of your choices.  For example, if you buy 100 Allmade Tri-blend T-shirts instead of 100 traditionally produced 100% Cotton T’s, you will save 4000 Gallons of Water, 9 Pounds of Chemicals, 40 Pounds of Crude Oil, and Recycle 600  Water Bottles.  You will also have created 1 day of Living Wage Jobs (in Haiti), and 8 days of Lives Changed.  Sweet!

Planning Your Eco Friendly T Shirt Design

Whether you’re creating raving fans for your brand, promoting a cause, appreciating your employees or clients – design is critical.  A good design should fulfill the goal of your project AND make the shirt the go to week after week for the recipient.  Custom T-Shirts should be Fashionable and Functional.  Yes – you can and should have it all! 

Consider print locations, design elements, and colors.  Front, back, sleeve, high upper back, side wraps – think outside the box.  Then again, sometimes less is more.  Know your target audience and design accordingly.  

Material and Style Options

When considering fabric content, think it through.  Who are these shirts for?  100% Polyester Dri-Fit T’s would be a good choice for participants in a half marathon.  Concert T’s?  You may want to consider a fashion forward 100% cotton.  And Tri-Blend is fast becoming a go to option because of the cozy factor.  It’s a great choice for employee and client appreciation programs. 

The other big variable is shirt style.  Men’s, women’s, youth, v-neck, crew-neck, short sleeve, long sleeve – there are MANY different options!  This is when companion styles become important.  Some projects may incorporate all of these styles but they all need to be the same color.  Others may utilize one style, and offer a color assortment.  At the very least, it’s recommended that you offer both men’s and women’s companion styles.  

Lastly, don’t forget to evaluate size ranges.  Some styles go up to XXL, while others offer a wide variety up to 4XL – and a smaller selection up to 6XL.  Tall sizes are a thing too.  It’s no fun to be the body type that can’t fit in the shirts that everyone else is getting.  Be inclusive!!

Repeat the mantra… know your audience.  Make sure to check all the necessary boxes so you can achieve your goals.  

Eco Friendly T Shirt Printing

The decoration method for your shirts will depend on order quantity, fabric content, and budget.  Working with someone who has knowledge of the full arsenal of decoration methods available will be ever so helpful!

Screenprinting is the most common way to decorate a t-shirt.  It is the go-to in most situations.  

But what if you have a very complex design and you only need 10 shirts?  In that case, Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) might be the way to go.  The limitation here is that DTG printing works best on 100% cotton.  

Maybe you’re looking for a special effect such as reflective, rhinestones, or a digital transfer.  It’s advantageous for you to understand your options so you can make informed decisions.    

Let Us Help with Your Custom Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Needs!

Eco-friendly t-shirts matter.  Sustainability is becoming an important differentiator for customers.  As a Certified Benefit Corporation, it matters to us as well.  

There are two components to sustainability.  One is materials and production methods and the other is will the end user love it?  Because let’s face it – an eco friendly shirt with an ugly design that ends up in a landfill does not qualify as a sustainable option!

We’re pretty darn good at guiding our clients with their t-shirt projects and other custom eco friendly apparel needs.  Here’s how we can help you.

  1. Book a call:  We’ll get to know your project and help narrow down your options from a million to a small handful.
  2. Review Your Options:  We’ll walk you through our recommendations and come up with a final list of stellar products to move forward with.
  3. Place your order:  We’ll organize all logistics, finalize artwork and oversee production of your promotional products.
  4. Sit Back and Relax:  We’ll take care of everything to ensure a timely and stress-free delivery!


1525, Inc. is a full service marketing merchandise company that empowers you to achieve your goals through the strategic use of marketing merchandise.  Let us help you become a Marketing Merchandise Rockstar!   Learn more at 1525.co.

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