Logistics:  The management of the flow of things between the the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers.

Recent Project:

Customer:  We’d like to offer our employees an appreciation gift.  We’d like to offer four different items to choose from, and each item comes in various sizes and colors.  We have about 1000 employees.

1525:  No problem!  We can do that.

Customer:  Great!  In addition, we’d like you to create an online ordering portal that makes it simple for our employees to select their gift.  I don’t want my staff to have to compile this information.

1525:  No problem!  There are a few ways we can achieve that.

Customer:  Awesome!  We’d also like the gifts individually packaged with a thank you card, and some sort of packing slip so that each employee knows that what they received is what they ordered.

1525:  No problem – we’re on it!

Customer:  Yay!!!  And finally… we’d like you to batch the individual orders by manager, and then by location.  We have 160 managers and 42 locations.

1525:  No problem.  We can handle that as well.   😀 

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