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It’s great to feel like you’re part of a team!!

Employee Uniforms are a smart business decision.

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The Benefits of Providing Employee Uniforms.

They Project A Professional Image.

Work uniforms help create branding and are a big part of a customers first impression of your company. There is a much higher confidence level and a perception of professionalism if employees are in a company uniform.

They Help Your Employee Feel Like Part Of Your Team.

A work environment that tries to create a team atmosphere amongst employees can benefit greatly from employee uniforms. They help to solidify the concept of being a team member just like in sports. They create unity and enhance pride in the company. This in turn can help increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

They Are Good Advertising.

Incorporating a logo, and if appropriate, additional contact information such as a phone number or website can actually generate sales. This is especially true in service industries such as landscaping and other contractors. One of our customers is a roofer and he outfits his crew in bright orange t-shirts with his logo on the front, and his phone number on the back. He has actually received calls to bid work because a prospect saw his crew on site and could read the phone number off the back of the shirt!

They Help Identify Employees To Your Customers.

Think of stores like Office Depot, Best Buy, or a really good example, an Apple Store – you know how crowded those get! It’s nice to be able to spot a salesperson. I can think of numerous occasions where I asked another customer if they worked at a store where I was shopping. An employee uniform makes it crystal clear.

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“Selling is communication.  True selling is caring, listening, solving problems, and serving your fellow human being.”     ~Zig Ziglar

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