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Could you benefit from a virtual store?

Schools & Clubs

Are you the Spirit Wear “volunteer”?  Compiling orders, collecting money, sorting orders – it’s time consuming work!  Here is a great alternative.  You approve items offered in the store, advertise it to the kids, and distribute completed orders that are already packaged by player with paperwork included.  This can even be set up as a fundraiser!

Company Incentives

Have you thought about setting up incentive programs for employees or volunteers?  How about points earned for a good safety record or hitting an aggressive sales goal.  Here’s a way to motivate employees!  We can set up a promo code allowing for discounts, or even free stuff to qualified participants.  Or this can be a regular e-commerce site as well. 


Event Related

Do you have an annual festival, or other type of event that could benefit from pre-sales?  Have you wanted to offer higher end items but were afraid to invest in the inventory for fear of having to store it in your garage when it doesn’t sell?  We can eliminate the risk with a virtual store.  Items are only produced when ordered and paid for.  Pretty sweet set up!


Contact us today!  Let’s see if a Virtual Store makes sense for your company or organization!  🙂 



ta da da da da da da…  feeling groovy!

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